About the Potter

As an “Island girl” growing up in the wilds of Vancouver Island Kelly showed artistic talent at an early age. The natural wonders of this environment influenced and inspired her, and, led to the development of a keen eye for color and form. With this natural talent Kelly excelled at many artistic endeavors but focused on her pottery. Today that is her passion.

Early in last decade, Kelly started working with clay. She initially signed up for an 8-week pottery course at Rainforest Pottery in Greendale, BC. Her teacher Vijaya Morrison, a long time potter also from Vancouver Island, mentored her until the summer of 2011. (So much for the 8-week course.) Kelly is continuing to further her knowledge and skill as a potter at the Shadbolt school of Arts in Vancouver. One can never stop learning!

Kelly’s pottery is both functional and artistic. Colors and design are dependent on her mood of that day. She primarily produces stoneware and porcelain items, that are food, dishwasher and microwave safe. She likes to work with many types of clay – plastic, groggy, red, browns, tans – as each clay performs differently to the throwing process and glazing results. She has a Skutte kiln and fires from a cone 5 to 7 oxidation. Her glazes are all mixed and tested in her home studio. She normally works with the radio on while her two dachshunds Charlie and Chester watch.

Recent Qualifications and Study

July 2013 – 10 day pottery course of throwing with Vincent Massey at MISSA
Feb 2014 – 8 week session of pottery with Jay Maclennan Pots that pour at Shadbolt school of the Arts
July 2014 – 7 day session of glazing application with Steven Hill at MISSA
June 2015 – 7 day session of throwing and altering with Ellen Shankin at MISSA